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Request setattribute example
Request setattribute example

Request setattribute example

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setattribute example request

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session.setAttribute will make the key available in all pages. This method sets the value of the attribute for Following is the code i have written in A.jsp page [code=java] <% String select[] = request.getParameterValues("id"); if (select ! Sep 18, 2013 - setAttribute(); it is working fine but request. Jun 26, 2011 - This section gives you the best illustration about the setAttribute() method of the request object in JSP. For example, we have first.jsp page Oct 26, 2004 - For example, the flow like page1->page2->page3->page4. Jul 18, 2006 - request.getAttribute( result); //i think this is the correct syntax Thanks for the reply but there is not getServletContext() method in request. You can use request.setAttribute() to add extra-information and forward/redirect the current request to another resource. But if we use request. Add the class attribute with the value of "democlass" to a <h1> element: The setAttribute() method adds the specified attribute to an element, and 5: 6: public void doFilter(ServletRequest request, 7: ServletResponse response, FilterChain chain) 8: 9: 10: request.setAttribute("allBlogs", allBlogs); 11: Apr 8, 2009 - String message = "Example source code of Servlet to JSP communication."; request.setAttribute("message", message); //communicating aup for our newsletter and get our top new questions delivered to your inbox (see an example). Example. Returns the name of the scheme used to make this request, for example, http Attributes can also be set programatically using ServletRequest#setAttribute .
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